Remote Teaching

  • From Paul Smyth

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    Basic guide to beginning to use the Learn virtual learning environment as an instructor for a course.
  • From Paul Smyth

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    How to change the view and layout in your list of Learn courses.
  • From Aran Ward Sell

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    Getting started with recording with Kaltura.

May Highlights

  • From Nicola Hopper

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    2nd year Computer Science student, Ojaswee, tells us about her favourite places to visit in Edinburgh. Originally recorded as part of the School of Informatics online…
  • From Nicholas Kelly

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    Professor Scott Pirie tells the story of his career in equine clinical research. He shares progress on his equine asthma research and highlights of his work on grass…
  • From Charlie Farley

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    Overview of the 23 Things for Digital Knowledge course created by Stephanie (Charlie) Farley.

Most Recent

  • From Gayle Beveridge

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    Overview of RESULT-HIP Protocol v2
  • From Paul Anderson

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    How to use PMark forms to moderate between multiple markers.
  • From Frances Allen

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    Structural Breaks and Shape Contraints An Efficient Decoding Procedure for Hidden Markov Models Alexandre Mösching (University of Göttingen) 18 May 2022