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BioPOD December 2019: Begonia Biodiversity

Have you ever wondered how plant scientists discover new species in a genus? In this interview, we sit down with Dr Mark Hughes, a begonia researcher from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, who…

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The Future of Female Fertility

The future of female fertilityNorah Spears and Evelyn Telfer, Biomedical Sciences'Let's Talk About Health' is all about advancing our knowledge of normal human and animal biology, and…

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Stem cells and cancer: the good, the bad and the ugly

Inaugural lecture of Professor Steve PollardProfessor of Stem Cell and Cancer BiologyDuring the normal development of our nervous system, neural stem cells are responsible for generating the large…

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Podgy ponies and corpulent cobs; insights into the growing problem of equine obesity

Podgy ponies and corpulent cobs; insights into the growing problem of equine obesityJohn Keen and Ruth Morgan, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary StudiesThe statement ‘obesity is a growing…

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From Scouse to mouse: Vascular injury and repair - a research journey

Inaugural lecture of Professor Andy BakerHead of Centre for Cardiovascular Science, Gustav Born Chair of Vascular Biology Blood vessels supply essential nutrients and oxygen to the entire body.…

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Century of Genetics 13th Nov 2019

13th November 2019

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Wikimania 2019: Integrating Wikidata into Education Wikidata, Wikipedia's sister project, is a structured, linked-data knowledge base. In fact, it is the biggest Semantic Web platform humanity…

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Alumni Perspectives - School of Informatics Student Stories

Discover what it is like to study at the School of Informatics with our series of videos featuring 'A Day in the Life', 'Transitions' and 'Alumni Perspectives' ! In…

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The Wicked Findings of the Witchfinder General - Putting Scotland's accused witches on the map using linked open data

The Wicked Findings of the Witchfinder General: Using linked open data to put accused witches on the map. Seminar event hosted by the Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture and Society on 11 September…

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Visiting University of Edinburgh Libraries

Find out how to use University of Edinburgh Libraries

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Wikimedia in Teaching and Learning - Wikimedian in Residence Ewan McAndrew at #altc - Sessions A-063, A-168, A-174

For more details about this and other conference session visit Session DescriptionWorking with Wikipedia in the curriculum helps students to “think…

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How to use the Library

This session was part of the new students Undergraduate online sessions

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MSc History (online) Accessing the University Library & eResources

HCA Librarian Caroline Stirling provides an introduction to the digital and e-resources available through the Library

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10: Hygiene in the shed II - Scoring system (v2)

Shed hygiene? Let the cows tell you! Scoring system. Copyright © The University of Edinburgh 2019 CC BYThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. …

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An introduction to MSc History (Online Learning)

This short video gives you an introduction to our MSc History (Online Learning) programme from Dr David Kaufman

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Students take part in Archaeology Fieldwork at Kilmartin, 2019

All archaeology degrees at the University of Edinburgh have a practical work component. In 2019, as part of larger project ‘Scotland’s Rock Art in Context’ (2017-2021), students…

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