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M2 W2 What do we mean by product?

M2 W2 Product

From  Geoffrey Fortescue on July 31st, 2020 0 likes 4 plays 0  

Excelling in Excel: Data Visualisation

A short series aimed at upskilling distance learning students on how to make the best use of excel. In this lecture I cover how to create charts in Excel. 00:44: Difference between figures,…

From  Jill MacKay on August 1st, 2019 0 likes 52 plays 0  

Employ.ed on Campus Case Study - Maire Cox

Interview with Employ.ed on Campus host, Maire Cox.

From  Gordon Mackintosh on October 29th, 2018 0 likes 0 plays 0  

AccSoc1 LV1.3 - The Spectator

Access Programme - Access Social Sciences 1 - Lecture Video 1.3

From  Brian McGrail on August 6th, 2018 0 likes 154 plays 0  

Tackling the curse of dimensionality

Tackling the curse of dimensionality

From  Nigel Goddard on September 25th, 2016 1 likes 1,486 plays 0