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Final steps - Effective Digital Content

This three minute video sums up everything that's been covered in the Effective Digital Content course.

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LEAPS Teaser

A small teaser about the work of LEAPS...

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LEAPS Creative Extras 2018

The film from the LEAPS creative extras Programme 2018.

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Online learning: using the library resources

Four online students talk about accessing the University's online library resources. It's not difficult and you can even connect your Google Scholar search to the University library…

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Student Perspectives on Lecture Recording

Student perspectives on lecture recording from August 2018.

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Top Tip #10: Eilidh

Top Tip #10: Eilidh Eilidh Harris, Student Developer, University of St Andrews, offers her top tip...

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Top Tip #9: Scott

Top Tip #9: ScottScott Baxter, PhD student in Design, University of Edinburgh, offers his top tip...

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Academic Skills 2018: End of Course Reflections

End of course reflections from the class of 2018.

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Top Tip #8: Anna

Top Tip #8: AnnaAnna Feintuk, History, University of Edinburgh, offers her top tip...

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