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DDI Town Hall | - Alison Muckersie & Jo Spiller : DDI Skills Gateway

Tuesday 20th April DDI held a Town Hall with Alison Muckersie presenting the ambitions of the DDI Skills Gateway programme and highlight some of its early achievements, demonstrating how the…

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Piazza Discussions

A review of the Piazza Discussion service

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Synthesising the Evidence: Video 4 - Paul Kelly

In this fourth video, Paul Kelly discusses the protocol for your meta analysis at the end of your systematic review.

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Synthesising the Evidence: Video 1 - Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly presents a session on Synthesising the Evidence, part 1, also know as the Meta analysis session. In this section, Paul covers the definition of meta analysis and why we do meta analysis.

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Learn discussions

An overview of Learn discussion boards, considerations for use

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CP2 CNS3 Epilepsy and Drugs Acting on Ion Channels - Dr Phil Larkman

Ion channels as targets for anti-epilepsy drugs

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Sport and fitness @ Edinburgh

Live session recording 22/02/2021

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Physical Activity, Data and the Pandemic

What data tells us about the importance of physical activity during the pandemic -for you and your learners

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ABC for LD Toolkit - Excel sheet step 4

Video overview of the 4th step in the ABC for Learning Design methodology. Using the excel spreadsheet to storyboard your course

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