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Kobi Gal: AI for Online Collaborative Group Learning

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Collaborative student learning has been shown to lead to significant academic benefits among students, and to…

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Advanced Care Research Centre: interdisciplinary research in later life care

Populations are rapidly ageing internationally, with the number of older people in the UK predicted to double in the next decade. Even before COVID-19, health and social care systems were already…

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AI planning


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Pip Thornton - Zoom Obscura: creative interventions for a data ethics of video conferencing beyond encryption

Controversies inthe Data Society 2021March 18th 2021The COVID-19 pandemic has gifted video conferencing companies such as Zoom with a vast amount of biometric data to be rendered knowable,…

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Lena Podoletz: Emotional AI and Crime Talk

Controversies in the Data Society 2021

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UKRI CDT in Biomedical AI

Learn more about the UKRI CDT in Biomedical AI in this presentation by Dr Ian Simpson, CDT Director, followed by an informative Q&A session. Originally recorded in November 2020. …

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Artificial Intelligence MSc

Learn about the Artificial Intelligence MSc at the School of Informatics in this presentation delivered by Programme Director, Oisin Mac Aodha, followed by a Q&A session. Recorded in November…

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Rauhofer and Rovatsos Discussion - Fairness and Consent

Controversies in the Data Society 2021Feb 12 2021

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Michael Rovatsos - Fairness in the Algorithmic Economy

Controversies in the Data Society 2021Prof Michael Rovatsos

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Advanced computational approaches for understanding allele-specific biology of complex diseases

Speaker:Dr Shilpa Garg, Harvard Medical School & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Reconstructing the complete phased sequences of every chromosome copy in human and non-human species are important…

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James Stewart Thinking about the Data Society (without video) 2020 Week 0

Lecture on issues relavent to understanding CDS

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James Stewart Thinking about Data Society 2021 Week 0

2020 Week 0 Thinking about Data Society 2021 James StewartControversies in the Data Society

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Introduction to Alex Lascarides

Introduction to Alex Lascarides

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8.4 Facial Recognition

Internet and Society 2020

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4.4 Why are Algorithms Controversial

Why are Algorithms Controversial, internet and society 2020

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Research and the “AI Revolution” | Professor Christopher Bishop | Distinguished Lecture | School of Informatics

Recording of Research and the “AI Revolution” - a School of Informatics Distinguished Lecture presented by Professor Christopher Bishop on 5 October 2020. Christopher Bishop is a…

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