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Republicanism in mid-sixteenth century Italy by Dr. Lucinda Byatt

Republicanism in mid-sixteenth century Italy: Florentine exiles, Brutus and (a little) Dante Dr Lucinda Byatt discusses a literary dialogue set in Rome in the 1540s highlights the significance of…

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Dr Jo Rowland - Egyptology - Research in a Nutshell

Dr Rowland talks about her research on the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt.

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Dr Joanne Rowland - Ancient Egyptian Religion and the Afterlife

Dr Joanne Rowland introduces her course 'Ancient Egyptian Religion and the Afterlife', part of the online MSc History programme at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more at…

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Dr Lucy Grig - Popular Culture in the Ancient World- Research in a Nutshell

Lucy talks about her research interests.

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Professor Douglas Cairns -Classics- Research in a Nutshell

Douglas talks about his research interests.

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Professor Gavin Kelly - Latin Literature - Research in a Nutshell

Gavin talks about his research.

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Martin Crapper: Ancient Water Systems

In this video Martin describes how his research is applying modern engineering to understand the Roman water supply for Constantinople, from its sources in the Thracian forests, through the…

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