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RMS2 (20-21) 4.5

Research Methods & Statistics 2, 2020/21.Week 4Lecture 5

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PGHC11501 Running the Roman Empire: Week 1 - 2

Screencast by Benedikt Eckhardt for Running the Roman Empire: Week 1 - 2

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dapR2 (20-21): 5.2

Data Analysis in Psychology in R 2, 2020/21.Week 5Lecture 2

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Introduction to IFP art and design courses

Senior Teaching Fellow Robbie Bushe gives an overview of the two art and design courses on International Foundation Programme offer vey the Centre for Open Learning.

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Data Explorers - Asking Questions about Corona Virus Data

Data Education for School's Kate Farrell considers how we can support young people to understand corona virus data.

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Lecture 3 Part 1: Solution of inhomogeneous, linear, differential equations.

In this lecture we extend the ideas in lecture 2 to allow us to solve inhomogeneous equations.

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Process Mining

Process Mining

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Expert advice on supporting the learning of EAL pupils during and after school closures

This webinar was a special joint event between The Bell Foundation and NALDIC, the National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum. It was held on 23 April 2020. It featured a new…

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Prof Elaine Howard Ecklund - Science and Religion in Global Public Life

Prof Elaine Howard Ecklund - Science and Religion in Global Public Life

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ELDeR - Cycle to workshop reflection

Cycle commute on the way to ELDeR learning design workshop, reflecting on what a Learning design workshop is.

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