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Statistics in COVID-19: Andrea Doeschl-Wilson (The Roslin Institute)

Andrea Doeschl-Wilson (The Roslin Institute): Insights from infectious disease studies in animal populations for Covid-19 and vice versa The CfS Research Day gathered together experts in the…

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The Great Crane Project

Hokkaido Conference

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Chicken Layers - Sires

You can access the full suite of videos and other resources from Subtitles Checked - August 2020

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Seasonal Reproduction in Birds: From Seeing the Light to Weathering the Storm

Inaugural lecture of Professor Simone Meddle Personal Chair of Behavioural NeuroendocrinologyProfessor Simone Meddle will discuss research showing how the environment regulates the reproductive…

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1 Scientist, 1 Question, 1 Minute! - How do we know that birds evolved from dinosaurs? Dr. Steve Brusatte

How do we know that birds evolved from dinosaurs? - Dr. Steve Brusatte Listen to Dr. Steve Brusatte, from the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh, explain how we know that birds…

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Monothetic vs polythetic

Monothetic vs polythetic

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