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Procedures for students at the Business School

These procedures have been put in place to slow the spread of Covid-19. We kindly ask you to act responsibly and follow these rules to protect you and the Business School community.

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Business School Course Options

This video provides a brief overview of the optional courses available from the Business School. Five courses are covered in this video: Introduction to Business (40 Credit) Accounting for Business…

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Build Back better Webinar - August 2020

Recording of the Build Back Better Webinar with presentations and questions to Dave Gorman (Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability) and Dr Sarah Ivory (University of Edinburgh…

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Roundtable of Sustainable Academic Travel - Workshop 5 - Resources - April 2020

Recording from the Roundtable of Sustainable Academic Travel Workshop looking at resources available in the sector to address business travel emissions.

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Predictive Analytics using Python - MicroMasters® programme (30 second trailer)

This MicroMasters® programme is designed for data analysts and data scientists and will teach you how to prepare data, using Python, for predictive modeling, data mining and advanced analytics…

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The Postgraduate Taught Support Team

Daniel Emmerson explains the type of things that the Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Team will support you with throughout the year.

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Promoting fairer access to Scottish universities: how can this be achieved?

This is the second annual memorial lecture in honour of the late Professor David Raffe. Professor Vikki Bolover of Durhan University drew on her recent research in Scotland to consider how we can…

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Dr Niki Vermeulen, Dr Bill Jenkins and team - Curious Edinburgh

Dr Niki Vermeulen, Dr Bill Jenkins and team - Curious Edinburgh

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Adult Returners - Developing Additional Skill Base - Neil Speirs

Dr Neil Speirs discusses the value of getting involved in extra curricular activities for adult returner students. March 2019

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The mathematics of burger flipping - Jean-Luc Thiffeault

The mathematics of burger flipping Jean-Luc Thiffeault - University of Wisconsin-MadisonHiggs Centre for Theoretical Physics Colloquium

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