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Accepting late test submissions in Learn

Accepting late tests in Learn

From  William Farquharson on April 14th, 2021 0 likes 2 plays 0  

Growing 3D skin in a dish

Jennifer Shelley, a PhD student in the Davidson Lab at the Centre for Inflammation Research, is using a new innovative technique to grow skin cells into a 3D structure. She hopes to use this to…

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Charles ffrench-Constant former CRM Director

Professor Charles ffrench-Constant talks about his time at the University of Edinburgh.Videography/Interview:Jessie Pearson, Ellie Roger, Robin Morton, Christina Xenaki and Dorothy ZhangPhoto…

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Introduction to Social Research Methods Trailer

MOOC Trailer

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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Emanuela Zaccarelli 'Elasticity and effective interactions of microgels in bulk and at liquid-liquid interfaces'

Speaker: Emanuela Zaccarelli (CNR, Sapienza University, Rome) Abstract:Microgels are soft particles individually made by cross-linked polymer networks which are nowadays widely used as a colloidal…

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Delivering Research Data Management Services Trailer

Data transforms the way we live and work, so storing and organising it correctly is becoming increasingly important. On this free short online course, you’ll learn how to develop and deliver…

From  Laurie Bowman on March 19th, 2021 0 likes 0 plays 0  

Animal Behaviour & Welfare course trailer

Learn about the history and concepts of animal welfare, how it can be assessed and measured, and finish with a practical animal welfare module for companion animals, with our short online course. …

From  Mari-Nikol Panteva on March 16th, 2021 0 likes 7 plays 0  

Higgs Chat with Elton Santos

Hear from Elton Santos on challenging himself with learning new things every day, how science may yet lose Elton to cycling, playing Volleyball in California while 'working' and some Bruce…

From  Ines Foidl on March 15th, 2021 0 likes 7 plays 0  

Decolonising Divinity: A Roundtable Discussion

On March 9, 2021, colleagues from the School of Divinity held a roundtable discussion around the topic of “Decolonising Divinity.” Jointly sponsored by Religious Studies, Islam and…

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Higgs Hour with Davide Michieletto: 'Topologically Active Polymers'

Speaker: Davide Michieletto (University of Edinburgh) Abstract:Polymer physics principles are increasingly acknowledged and applied to understand the behaviour of genome organisation and…

From  Ines Foidl on March 12th, 2021 0 likes 28 plays 0  

Sandy Stirling MND cycle - famous faces good luck film

Messages of support to Sandy Stirling from famous faces around the world.

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Higgs Chat with Davide Michieletto

Interview with Davide Michieletto ahead of his Higgs Hour talk on 12 March at 1pm on 'Topologically Active Polymers'…

From  Ines Foidl on March 9th, 2021 0 likes 49 plays 0  

Higgs Hour with Florian Beutler: 'Expanding the BAO science case'

Speaker: Florian Beutler (University of Edinburgh) Cosmology has the potential to test fundamental physics through the discovery of new particles (e.g. dark matter) and new fields that governed the…

From  Ines Foidl on March 5th, 2021 0 likes 6 plays 0  

24 February 2021 - Simon Riche - Hecke action on the principal block of reductive algebraic groups

The subtitles/captions on this talk are being edited. They will be available within 2 weeks of the talk being published.24 February 2021Simon RicheTitle: Hecke action on the principal block of…

From  OLLIE Quinn on March 2nd, 2021 0 likes 25 plays 0  

Interview with Professor Glen McHale: Director of the Chemical Engineering Discipline (part 1)

Professor Glen McHale shares insights into his career and research interests, which focus on how liquids interact with different surfaces. For example: why does lotus leaf remain dry and clean even…

From  Norbert Radacsi on March 1st, 2021 0 likes 23 plays 0  

Statistics in COVID-19 Research Day - Introduction

Miguel de Carvalho (Director, Centre for Statistics) introduces the 'Statistics in the World of Covid-19 Research Day'. The day gathered together experts in the analysis of Covid-19 data…

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