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Hybrid teaching tech test @ CL 5.02

A short demo of how an improvised hybrid classroom could work in Charteris Land room 5.02, level 2. This is a MS Teams recording of a call between the teaching room and an 'overflow' room,…

From  Ileana Iacobescu on March 25th, 2021 0 likes 6 plays 0  

Career Kickstarter: Making the most of your alumni community

You are part of a wide and diverse community of University of Edinburgh alumni. Find out how you can make the most of Platform 1 to get connected to alumni who want to support you. Platform One is…

From  Georgia-Niki Dialyna on March 25th, 2021 0 likes 17 plays 0  

Finding Digitised Special Collections (Dissertation Festival 2021)

This online presentation discuss the different ways you can find digitised rare books, archives and manuscripts online.

From  Francesca Baseby on March 19th, 2021 0 likes 5 plays 0  

Library Bitesize : Finding Theses

Learn about · How to find out about theses and dissertations written on your topic · How to view theses online, and in print

From  Christine Love-Rodgers on March 17th, 2021 0 likes 5 plays 0  

Higgs Chat with Elton Santos

Hear from Elton Santos on challenging himself with learning new things every day, how science may yet lose Elton to cycling, playing Volleyball in California while 'working' and some Bruce…

From  Ines Foidl on March 15th, 2021 0 likes 7 plays 0  

Higgs Chat with Davide Michieletto

Interview with Davide Michieletto ahead of his Higgs Hour talk on 12 March at 1pm on 'Topologically Active Polymers'…

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No Code? No Problem!!(CCCF Online 2021)

This session with Creative Informatics demonstrates how NoCode tools can allow non-technical people to create their own software to support their creative ideas. NoCode tools are becoming…

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Higgs Chat with Anna Lisa Varri

Catch Anna Lisa Varri in this #HiggsChat to hear her talk about her divided 'loyalties' between Maths and Physics, her Humanities background, coining 'Mathematical Astrophysicist'…

From  Ines Foidl on February 10th, 2021 0 likes 116 plays 0  

Prepare for Tech Data Careers Day 2021 Informatics

This short online session was designed to support Informatics students to prepare for Tech & Data Careers Day 2021.Online events are different to face to face events in terms of the preparation…

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Phil Methods 1 - Week 10 - Intro

Introducing Week 10

From  Dave Ward on November 20th, 2020 0 likes 30 plays 0  

5th Nov: Part 2 What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEM Q&A

What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEMQ&A Session5th November 2020 Dr Udeni Salmon @ujsalmon are you joining us from? Please share your…

From  Katie Nicoll Baines on November 5th, 2020 0 likes 17 plays 0  

Changing Career (CMVM & CSCE)

Recording of the Changing Career session for Masters students in CMVM & CSCE

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Introduction to Collaborate course recording

Recording of the presentation for the "Introduction to Collaborate" course bookable on Event Booking (University login required). This course provides an introduction to Blackboard …

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Project Briefing Session

Recording of project briefing including requirements and Q&A.

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IDS - Week 01 - 03 - Course information

Information on course structure and policies

From  Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel on September 22nd, 2020 0 likes 75 plays 0  

New Masters Law Student Town Hall Q&A session - 8 Sep 2020, 12pm

Recording of the Town Hall Q&A session for new Masters students in Law held on 8 September 2020 at 12pm. Details and information on what to expect for semester 1 of the 2020/21 year.

From  Simone-Louise Duffy on September 10th, 2020 0 likes 87 plays 0