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Hybrid teaching tech test @ CL 5.02

A short demo of how an improvised hybrid classroom could work in Charteris Land room 5.02, level 2. This is a MS Teams recording of a call between the teaching room and an 'overflow' room,…

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OLL Lecture 3 Week 6

OLL Lecture 3 Week 6

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TLTYL Week 5 Digital literacies - Lecture

TLTYL Week 5 Digital literacies - Lecture

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OLL Lecture 2 Week 4

OLL Lecture 2 Week 4

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OLL Lecture 1

OLL Lecture 1

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CompuTails: Miss Tails and the Electronic Gate to the City

This is the first story in the Computational Furry Tails (CompuTails) series, titled "Miss Tails and the Electronic Gate to the City". It tells a story about the Power Supply Unit, which…

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DE seminar: Dr James Lamb 'Digital technologies and the configuration of learning space'

AbstractIt has never been more important to try and understand the complex relationship between digital technologies and those settings where learning takes place. The intimate relationship between…

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Event 3 The Manifesto for Teaching Online: Text has been troubled

Arguing that authorship isn’t what it used to be - how we assess students and understand plagiarism needs to shift. Manifesto authors Dr James Lamb, Dr Hamish Macleod and Dr Christine Sinclair…

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Introduction to Collaborate course recording

Recording of the presentation for the "Introduction to Collaborate" course bookable on Event Booking (University login required). This course provides an introduction to Blackboard …

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How to edit Wikipedia - a 1 hour tutorial

Editing Wikipedia has never been easier using the new Visual Editor interface which makes editing Wikipedia as easy as using Microsoft Word or Wordpress blogs. This 1 hour workshop is aimed…

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Teaching with Wikipedia - a practical 'how to' guide.

This online session is for any course leaders interested in learning more about Wikipedia Education assignments. The workshop showcases best practice derived from working with over a dozen course…

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RACE.ED Launch Event on Collective and Creative Pedagogy – 8 July 2020

The purpose of this RACE.ED launch event is to help us think collectively and creatively about how experiences of inequality and oppression (as structured through notions of vulnerability,…

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Using Blackboard Collaborate in Learn - Recording 30/06/2020

Session recording for the online training of Blackboard Collaborate for Remote Teaching. In this session you will find out how to: Set up Collaborate within Blackboard Learn Give students access…

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Promoting Reading for Pleasure Webinar

This webinar explores the benefits of book reading for children with Dr Sarah McGeown, and how teachers can create contexts in the class, school and home to encourage and inspire children to choose…

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Part 3: L&T 2020 Critical approaches to hidden curriculum with hybrid learning

Part 3: Critical features of the hybrid design Conference session recording (Collaborate), Edinburgh University Learning and Teaching Conference 2020. 'Critical approaches to the hidden…

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MH Schools Online Conversations 3rd June 2020

This session features Moray House colleagues providing an introduction to blended learning and then a primary teacher demonstrating how they have approached mixing online learning with home learning…

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