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Biblical Studies Seminar: Rev Dr Michael Hull

Rev Dr Michael Hull (Scottish Episcopal Institute) discusses 'The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Titus 3.6 and the Filioque Controversy' in this Biblical Studies Seminar. (Session filmed…

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Research Insights: Neuroscience

PhD researcher Dr Sarah Neely and postdoctoral scientist Dr Owen Gwydion James share their neuroscience research.

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Biblical Studies Seminar: Dr Katherine Hockey

Dr Katherine Hockey (University of Aberdeen) discusses 'Turning the other cheek: Personal well-being and virtue in Luke’s emotional directives' in this Biblical Studies Seminar.…

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The True Final Frontier: oceans from space; Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez

It is commonly said that we know more about space than about our seas, but what about studying the ocean from space? Satellite data has been used for decades in land studies, but ocean observation is…

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Atlantic Adventures with ATLAS: understanding deep-sea ecosystems at ocean basin scale; Prof Murray Roberts

The deep sea is the last frontier on Earth, but it's not immune to human activities or global change. From 2016-20 ATLAS worked across Europe, Canada and the USA to study deep-sea Atlantic…

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Design Informatics MSc

Learn about the Design Informatics and Advanced Design Informatics MSc at the School of Informatics and Edinburgh College of Art in this presentation delivered by Programme Director, Maria Wolters. …

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7 Key Climate Messages

Climate change solutions

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Biblical Studies Seminar: Ola Wikander

Dr Ola Wikander (University of Lund) discusses 'Divine Sunburns: A Biblical Motif in Central Semitic and Afro-Asiatic Perspective' in this Biblical Studies Seminar. (Session filmed 11/2/21)

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World Christianity at New College

Professor Brian Stanley leads this discussion with Centre alumni Dr Jooseop Keum (Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary, Seoul, South Korea), Professor Esther Mombo (St. Paul’s…

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Offer Holders - what happens next?

A timeline of what happens once you have been made an offer for an undergraduate programme offered by College of Science and Engineering at The University of Edinburgh.

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Biblical Studies Seminar: Josiah Peeler and Alex Muir

Josiah Peeler (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh) discusses 'Properly Visualising Ṣiba: The Function of the Spelling צובא in 2 Sam 10' and Alex Muir discusses 'Our politeuma is in…

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Photography Illustrations, 17th December 2020

Timelapse photography of installation.

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IAD Finding Academic Literature - for CSE PGR (26 Jan 2021)

One of the first tasks a research student has to undertake is producing a literature review. This session will help by providing a brief introduction to library resources and services. The session…

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Research insights: healthy birds and happy feet

Dr Megan Davey and Dr Alewo Idoko-Akoh tell us how they use genetic research techniques to find new ways to keep birds healthy. Recorded 13 January 2020.

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Biblical Studies Seminar: Laura Quick

Laura Quick (Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, University of Oxford) discusses 'Bitenosh’s Orgasm, Galen’s Two Seeds, and Conception Theory in the Hebrew Bible' in this…

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Science and Religion Seminar: Tripp Fuller

Dr Tripp Fuller (Edinburgh) discusses 'Nature and Trajectories of Bifurcation' in this Science and Religion Seminar. (Session filmed on 11/1/21)

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