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CP2: Introduction to Experiment 1 - Dr Phil Larkman

Dose / Response and Structure / Activity relationships in pharmacology

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Digestive System Overview Pt 1

Anatomy and motility

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LAGOON: Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline -Michael Wemyss (Glasgow, UK)

This talk has subtitles, you can remove the subtitles by pressing CC on the bottom toolbar. Michael Wemyss (Glasgow, UK): Contraction algebras, plumbings and flops

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BMS2: Chemical Synaptic Transmission 3 Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Muscarinic receptor modulation of cardiac and smooth muscle contraction

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BMS2 Chemical Synaptic Transmission 2 Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Ion permeability of the nACh receptor

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