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CIO update video 5th Feb 2021

CIO update video 5th Feb 2021

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UK Sports Diplomacy Post-Covid

Stuart MacDonald, Academy of Sport member, former senior civil servant, leads a discussion on the importance of sport as a soft power tool post-covid.

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Digital Education Programme Podcast 4: The one where we speak to Marion Smallbones and Carles Vidal Vicens

Episode 4 of the programme podcast has us speaking with the gracious Marion Smallbones and Carles Vidal Vicens, both current students on the Digital Education programme and both with significant…

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Lecture 3_Kaltura Capture recording - January 25th 2021, 9:25:45 pm

Lecture 3 HEGC

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IJCC Video 1: The Improving Justice in Child Contact project

Improving Justice in Child Contact is a project exploring child contact decisions in families affected by domestic abuse. It is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship…

From  Chung-Yan Kong on January 14th, 2021 0 likes 11 plays

Global and Public Health Landing Page

Landing page video for the CMVM Online masters cluster 2020.

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RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 - External Showcase and Keynote Presentation – 24 November 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated00:00:00 - Welcome Aziz Sheikh 00:08:35 - RESPIRE Showcase Best of stakeholder engagement, with Q&A Coordinated by: Hana Mahmood and…

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IJCC webinar – A strategy for transforming child contact systems: Improving Justice in Child Contact | 9th Nov 2020 (no avatars)

This webinar shared how we can systematically change and improve child contactsystems, when children and women have experienced domestic violence. Based on the 5-country project Improving Justice in…

From  Chung-Yan Kong on November 19th, 2020 0 likes 32 plays

7.2 The Internet - Statistical Sources

Internet and society 2020

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7.1 Digital Divide Introduction

Internet and Society 2020

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PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Student name: HABIB, Monsur Presentation title: Enhancing access to pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) through implementation research in…

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Hyperspatial resolution satellite data for SDG mapping

Lecture given to the SENSE CDT students on the use of very high spatial resolution data (<1m) for mapping proxies for social and economic conditions in support of the SDGs

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CJ&S Seminar - Milena Tripkovic

Transcending the boundaries of punishment: On the nature of citizenship deprivation About the seminar A significant number of countries have recently (re)introduced or expanded legal provisions…

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IDS - Week 03 - 02 - Tidy data

What makes data tidy and why do we care?

From  Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel on October 5th, 2020 0 likes 43 plays 0  

CL - Lecture 3a - Contraposition of Propositions

Last week we used object-level contraposition to derive four new syllogisms, starting from Barbara. This week we will use meta-level contraposition to derive two more new syllogisms from each of the…

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