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Professional Learning Webinar 'The Primary Curriculum: getting the right experiences for a changing world?' Recording 21 May

This is the recording of the Moray House Professional Learning webinar, 'The Primary Curriculum: getting the right experiences for a changing world?'. This was the third in our webinar…

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Curricula for wicked problems

A short video about designing curricula for wicked problems in higher education.

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Adult Returners - Developing Additional Skill Base - Neil Speirs

Dr Neil Speirs discusses the value of getting involved in extra curricular activities for adult returner students. March 2019

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Professor Ami B M Tsui

Transforming student learning: the journey of a university-wide curriculum reform Prof. Ami B M Tsui The University of Hong Kong Learning & Teaching Conference 2018

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Capillary Blood Glucose Measurement Pre session presentation

Essential theory relating to measurement of capillary blood glucose measurement

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Introduction to Effective Timetabling - Grant Whytock

Introduction to Effective Timetabling - Grant Whytock To learn more about this course and to book a place, please visit …

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Educated Pass

The University has pioneered the Educated Pass project which helps teenage boys think about how the school curriculum is relevant to them, and how pursuing their studies could help them achieve a…

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SEFCE Intro 2017

SEFCE 2017 Intro

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CPE July

Microbite on Carbapenemase producer enterobacteriaceae

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Introduction: Dimensions of Research-led learning and teaching

Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Vice Principal for Research-Led Teaching introduces the theme of research-led learning and teaching at the University of Edinburgh Senate on 31 May 2017.

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Inflammatory bowel disease

Follow this case to learn some of the main points regarding inflammatory bowel disease.

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The abdominal examination

This video describes the steps necessary for performing an abdominal examination. It does NOT cover the technique of things such as how to palpate the abdomen properly or assess for organomegaly;…

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Pre-Prescribing video 2016

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