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NWMPPP-Lecture 1a-Introduction - January 11th 2021, 9:23:26 am

introduction to the Nuclear course and to radioactivity

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Topic 72: Time-Domain Analysis of Response to Random Signals using the System Impulse Response (PETARS, Chapter 10)

This video looks at the method for calculating the output statistics for a linear time-invariant (LTI) system in response to a wide-sense stationary (WSS) input using a time-domain method given the…

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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Laura BAUDIS 'Elucidating the fundamental nature of neutrinos with double beta decay'

Speaker: Laura Baudis (Zurich) Abstract: Neutrinos are the only known elementary particles that are Majorana fermion candidates, implying that they would be their own antiparticles. The most…

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MLP Lecture 04 - Clip 05 - L1&L2 Regularisation

Machine Learning Practical (MLP) Lecture 04, Clip 05 / 05.

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Lecture 6 Part 2: Damped oscillators

We extend the ideas from the first part of the lecture to oscillators which include damping effects. Writing the governing equation in a standard form and looking at the meaning of the damping…

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Lecture 2 Part 2: Boundary Conditions

In the second part of this lecture we look at a the use of boundary conditions expressed as both initial value and boundary value problems to find the unknown coefficients in the general solution and…

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Solving Differential Equations in Python: First order ODEs with solve_ivp

How to the SciPy solve_ivp function to integrate first oder ODEs in Python. The 'ivp' stands for Initial Value Problem which means it can be used to solve problems where we know all the…

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Wikimania 2017 - The Internet Archive and Wikimedia - Common Knowledge Goals

Wikimania 2017 - The Internet Archive and Wikimedia - Common Knowledge Goals session. Friday, August 11, 2017. The presentation begins at 12 mins in. Presenters: Wendy Hanamura, Director of…

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Lance-Williams algorithm

Lance-Williams algorithm

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