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Intermediate Microeconomics Tutorial 4 - SGPE Summer School 2020

10:00-12:00, Friday 7th August 2020 (BST)

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Intermediate Microeconomics Lecture 4b - SGPE Summer School 2020

13:30-16:30, Thusday 6th August 2020 (BST)

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University of Edinburgh students give tips on staying healthy during lockdown

Ellie Wolfe & Ross Roger, who are both involved with the University of Edinburgh's football teams, give their tips of staying mentally and physically fit during lockdown.

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Degree value: myth busting online learning

Degrees earned online have the same value as on-campus degrees. Follow our myth busting series on our Online Learning channel.

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Part 1: L&T 2020 Critical approaches to hidden curriculum with hybrid learning

Part 1: What is the hidden curriculum in Music? Conference session recording (Collaborate), Edinburgh University Learning and Teaching Conference 2020. 'Critical approaches to the hidden…

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Teaching quality: myth busting online learning

Since 2005 our online postgraduate degrees have been taught by lecturers and tutors who are leading figures in their fields. Follow our myth busting series on our Online Learning channel. Join our…

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Quantitative Methods : Q-Step Offer Holders 2020

Q-Step for offer holders in 2020

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Welcome from Iain Gordon - Head of Mathematics

Welcome to new students from Iain Gordon - Head of Mathematics

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The School of Informatics: Researchers’ Journey

Researchers in the School of Informatics have various backgrounds and they come from all over the world. In this video, they are telling the story of the journey that brought them to Edinburgh, the…

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Myth Busting Online Learning : Myth #1 “Online degrees are really lonely”

Many people are put off choosing to study an online degree because they believe that the experience will be an extremely lonely one. This short film features online students and graduates proving…

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Promoting fairer access to Scottish universities: how can this be achieved?

This is the second annual memorial lecture in honour of the late Professor David Raffe. Professor Vikki Bolover of Durhan University drew on her recent research in Scotland to consider how we can…

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Welcome - Dr Jeremy Crang

A warm welcome from the Dean of Students in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr Jeremy Crang. March 2019.

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Students' Association - Eleri Connick

An overview of the Edinburgh University Students Association from Eleri Connick, President 2018/19. March 2019

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Go Abroad - What Opportunities Are Available - Thomas Ozers

Thomas Ozers discusses where in the world you can go with an Edinburgh Go Abroad opportunity. March 2019

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