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The Disc-structure space - Manuel Krannich

The Disc-structure space Manuel Krannich (University of Cambridge) Manifolds and K-theory: the legacy of Andrew Ranicki online workshop 21 - 25 Jun 2021 To remove the captions from this video press…

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BMC BAMC 2021 Ciprian Manolescu

6-9 April 2021, BMC BAMC 2021 This was the LMS Meeting Plenary Lecture by Ciprian Manolescu (University of Stanford) Titled: Khovanov Homology and Four-Manifolds The subtitles/captions on this talk…

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School of Engineering - Control and Instrumentation 3 - Remote Laboratories Introduction

Prof Tim Drysdale introduces the remote laboratories you will be using on this course, showing you the stacks of experiment boxes, what's inside them, how to access them via the browser, and…

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FDS-S2-05-1-1 Reproducible research

We discuss reproducible research, the motivation for aspects of software engineering practices in data science.

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PGHC11506 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Week 5 Funerary deities

Video by Dr Zsuzsanna Vegh for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Introduction: Week 5

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The Origin of the Geomagnetic field

Introduction to Geophysics: The Origin of the Geomagnetic Field

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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Clare DOBBS 'Molecular cloud and star formation in spiral arms'

Speaker: Clare Dobbs (University of Exeter)Abstract: Molecular clouds are the densest regions of gas in galaxies, in which localised gravitational collapse leads to the formation of…

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CL - Lecture 1.h - A Small Universe in Haskell

We represent our small universe in Haskell. If this doesn't yet make sense, don't worry; come back to this once you're a bit more familiar with Haskell. There is a slight…

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CL - Lecture 1.d - A Small Universe

We introduce a very small universe, and some examples of propositions — statements we may make about the universe.

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