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Searching for literature: Historical Skills and Methods II

This is an introductory session on literature searching for students on Historical Skills and Methods II. A PDF version of slides can be downloaded from Attachments tab. - Introduction - Your…

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How to get the best from CABI resources (Dissertation Festival)

This session highlighted a range of online resources produced by CABI, and covered how you can use them to find information for your dissertation or research: CAB Abstracts – a bibliographic…

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Dissertaion festival: introduction to NVivo for qualitative data analysis

This session covered: why use software like Nvivo importing data files creating and using nodes for coding basic but very useful outputs for sharing and discussion with supervisors: coded data…

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Get the Best From Web of Science - Dissertation Festival Nov 2020

Do you need help to start with a research topic or literature review? This session introduces Web of Science as a tool for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is aimed at beginners and…

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Using the Library for creative dissertations : digital resources in art, music and drama

Are you planning your dissertation in a creative subject? Find out more about the rich range of digital library resources available to you in the visual arts, music and drama. Led by the Academic…

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Dissertation festival: What is a Systematic Review dissertation like?

This session covered: What a systematic review (SR) is Pros and cons of doing a SR for your dissertation Summary of common questions or problems encountered in SR dissertations, and answers or…

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Using existing, open, data for your dissertation research (CSE & CMVM)

Want to find some research data you can analyse for your dissertation? Working to a tight deadline? The Research Data Service can help you find openly-licensed research datasets to choose from, which…

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Options Fair - Bilingual Education - November 3rd 2020, 12:20:15 am

Options Fair 2020 - Bilingual Education

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SPS Developing a research strategy

Being able to undertake effective literature searches is an important part of your dissertation or final year project. Knowing the strategies and tools with which to perform thorough searches to…

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Hear from our students: MSc Environment and Development

Paulina shares her experiences studying the MSc Environment and Development.

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PG How to get access to library resources you need that the library doesn't hold

Get expert advice from an Academic Support Librarian on how to access library resources beyond the University Library for your research project, dissertation or thesis.

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Supporting you with your studies (PGT)

A summary of IAD support for postgraduate taught students

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Library Resources

Honours Dissertation Course - Library Resources by Anne Donnelly.

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Honours Dissertation Course, the Introduction, by Bettelou Los

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Honours Dissertation Course - Ethics, by Vicky Chondrogianni

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Online Resources

Honours Dissertation Course - Online resources, and how to use them

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