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MRC Award of £53M to MRC Human Genetics Unit at The University of Edinburgh

The MRC Human Genetics Unit has secured an MRC funding award for 5 years. This award comprises £53M for 17 scientific programmes, including training for 24 PhD students. Hear from Professor…

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Statistics - DNA Matching

This project was created by the School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh.

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Epilepsy: is the genetic revolution friend or foe?

Wednesday 15th March 2017In this lecture Dr Richard FM Chin and Professor Cathy Abbott explore how rapid advances in the field of genetics has changed our understanding of the cause(s) of epilepsy…

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DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing

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Ligating vector and insert

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Preparing for gels

Preparing biological samples for analysis

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Ron Pethig: Manipulating cells

In this video Ron describes how cells can be selectively manipulated and sorted according to their intrinsic electrical properties, using gentle forces generated by applying radio frequency signals…

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Sunburn, DNA, and skin cancer.

A short video describing the relation between UVR, DNA damage, erythema and skin cancer.

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