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Lecture 21 - Capital Cost Estimation I

Lecture 21 - Capital Cost Estimation I

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CHEDSE Intro Lecture

Intro lecture of Chemical Engineering Design: Synthesis and Economics 4

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Lecture 0 - Course Information

Introduction to CHEDSE4

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Geography First Year Course Choices

This is short contains information to help you with choosing your outside courses for this year. Please watch and you can discuss your choices in more depth with your Personal Tutors.

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Graduation message - School of Economics

A short message to graduating students in 2020.

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Economics - Course options: Economics 1, Economic Principles, Economic Applications

Economics 1 full-year, 40 credits course which is the only necessary first-year course for students pursuing Economics degree. Economic Principles is a 20 credits course intended to provide a broad…

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New Non Honours Elective "Introductory Financial Economics"

An overview of "Introductory Financial Economics" - an elective open to all first and second year undergraduates

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Nyaradzo - St Davids - Economics

Nyaradzo from St Davids discusses her journey from High School to studying Economics at the University of Edinburgh.

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Prof Agustin Fuentes - Why do we believe_

Prof Agustin Fuentes - Why do we believe_

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Go Abroad - Benefits of International Opportunities - Thomas Ozers

There's a lot of benefit to taking the opportunity to Go Abroad during your studies.Thomas Ozers tells us all about why taking the chance is good for our ongoing development.

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Adult Returners - Academic Study And Support - Dr Neil Speirs

Dr Neil Speirs discusses academic study and support for adult returner students.March 2019

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Climate Crisis Event

Climate Crisis Panel Event

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Episode 3 - Climate optimism or fatalism: Teaching climate change in today's university

In this third episode, MSc Environmental Sustainability student, Polly Wells, returns as our guest host to continue this conversation with three University of Edinburgh staff members: Velda McCune,…

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