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EFP 10: Berberian Sound Studio

Emily and Marc talk about Peter Strickland's soundscape horror flick, "Berberian Sound Studio."

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EFP 1: Housebound

This week we talk about the New Zealand horror/ comedy flick, "Housebound."

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Dr Gerry Thompson - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Gerry Thompson, consultant neuroradiologist and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology, as he highlights his research focus on brain imaging like PET & MR, to better characterize…

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Urticaria: from nettle stings to autoimmunity (HD)

I describe the basic pathogenesis of urticaria. I show how nettle stings (urtica) produce architecturally similar lesions, and how a variety of factors can activate mast cells, leading to…

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