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ASR Lecture 14

ASR Lecture 14: Sequence discriminative training

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19 February 2021Mu Niu (University of Glasgow) INTRINSIC GAUSSIAN PROCESSES ON NONLINEAR MANIFOLDS AND POINT CLOUDSWe propose a class of intrinsic Gaussian processes (GPs) for interpolation,…

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MLP Interviews - Leonie Bossemeyer

Machine Learning Practical interviews - Winter 2020 - Session 2/4. Leonie Bossmeyer is an MSc graduate in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh, and is currently an MSc student in Quantitative…

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Topic 65: Time Averages and Ergodicity (PETARS, Chapter 8)

This Topic introduces the notion of estimating statistical averages from a single realisation of a stochastic process. This concept is most easily developed for estimating first and second moments…

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Lecture 21 - Capital Cost Estimation I

Lecture 21 - Capital Cost Estimation I

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Topic 50: Linear Least Squares Estimation (PETARS, Chapter 6)

The special case of linear least squares is presented as an extremely useful estimation approach, in cases when the signal model can be written as a linear combination of known basis functions, with…

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Topic 48: Maximum Likelihood Estimation (PETARS, Chapter 6)

This video introduces the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) technique as a way of determining a good estimator for a given probabilistic problem. This method is very straightforward and intuitive,…

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Topic 43: Measuring Performance of an Estimator (PETARS, Chapter 6)

In this video, the question of measuring and quantifying the performance of an estimator is discussed. The video focusses on the concepts and definitions of bias and variance of the probability…

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Topic 42: Introduction to Estimation Theory (PETARS, Chapter 6)

In this video, Estimation Theory is introduced in which unknown parameters are estimated from data, rather than assuming that problems can be described by fully known distributions or statistics.…

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Topic 5: Applications of Signal Processing and Communications (PETARS, Chapter 2)

This video considers in more detail some applications of signal processing, including biomedical, surveillance and homeland security, target tracking and navigation, mobile communications, and…

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Topic 3: Course Guide and Textbooks (PETARS, Chapter 1)

This video outlines the recommended texts for this course, for any students who would like further texts to read beyond the extensive lecture notes. It also recommends other books for further…

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Topic 4: What is Signal Processing? (PETARS, Chapter 2)

This video explains the role of signal processing in powering modern communications, entertainment, transportation, and healthcare systems, in addition to numerous industrial and defence…

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Topic 2: Course aims and objectives, overview, key themes (PETARS, Chapter 1)

This video gives a very brief introduction to signal processing, describes the course aims and objectives from a high-level, the learning outcomes, and prerequisites needed to study the course. The…

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Topic 11: Motivating Empirical Probability (PETARS, Chapter 3)

This video motivates probability by considering the simplest of problems in the presence of uncertainty. It considers the tools we need to study problems, and the notion of probability. This begins…

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Topic 1: How to Study using the Course Materials (PETARS, Chapter 1)

This video welcomes students to the PETARs course, and shows the best way of using the teaching materials to study this course in hybrid teaching mode. The materials available range from handouts…

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