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Edinburgh University Climbing safety video

Safety video for bouldering

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Kaltura Capture recording - March 31st 2021, 12:42:39 pm

Video to assist with preparation for final exam for Exercise Prescription for Rehabilitation

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Critical Thinking in Global Challenges

The videos in this playlist will give you the opportunity to better understand what critical thinking is, and to practice and enhance your critical thinking skills. To do so, we will use the context…

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Introduction to SPORTDiscus (on EBSCOhost): Dissertation Festival

This is a recording of a presentation delivered as part of the Library's online Dissertation Festival (08-19 March 2021). This session provides an introduction to searching in the SPORTDiscus…

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Research Process (RP) - Week 3: Developing a search strategy and managing search results

This presentation has been developed for the Research Process (RP) course, delivered online for MSc Strength and Conditioning, MSc Performance Psychology, MSc Physical Activity for Health students…

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Students and staff from across the world of sport and exercise at the University of Edinburgh are uniting in support for International Women’s Day. We #choosetochallenge.

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Kaltura Capture recording - February 23rd 2021, 10:53:06 am

Formative Feedback for Assignment Summary Table

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Tutorial: Week5

This is a video with the recorded tutorial of Week 5 and all the questions regarding shock wave material.

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Tutorial: Week4

Tutorial, questions and answers on Week 4 (plastic wave propagation).

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Physical Activity, Data and the Pandemic

What data tells us about the importance of physical activity during the pandemic -for you and your learners

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dapr1 - hypothesis testing and CIs (a)

Part A

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Tutorial: Week3

Tutorial session on the 27th of January 2021

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ABC for LD Toolkit - Excel sheet step 4

Video overview of the 4th step in the ABC for Learning Design methodology. Using the excel spreadsheet to storyboard your course

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