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Exercise sheet ODE 1: Question 1 worked example

Worked solution for Question 1 from Exercise sheet ODE 1 from EM2A

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Dr Dave Saunders

Dr Dave Saunders talks about his research in PAHRC.

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Sarah Morton

Dr Sarah Morton talks about her research at PAHRC and toolkit on

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Andy Dixon_What will happen at the Festival

Festival of Hidden REF

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Overview of Firbush

Firbush Outdoor Centre is one of the University of Edinburgh’s hidden treasures. It is managed by Sport & Exercise and is located on the spectacular shores of Loch Tay. Firbush provides the…

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Directions to FASIC - Eric Liddell Refurbishment

Directions to FASIC during the 2023 Eric Liddell Refurbishment

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SR course

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Elf and fitness - Sport & Exercise Festive Film III

This festive season we invited our good friend the University of Edinburgh Elf to take a magical journey with us. This is their story.

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Research Process (RP) - Week 8: Developing a search strategy and managing search results

This recorded presentation has been developed for the Research Process (RP) course, delivered online for MSc Strength and Conditioning, MSc Performance Psychology, MSc Physical Activity for Health…

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engage - Enhancing student participation in taught courses through active learning and reflective practices

Presented by Rachel Howell, Lecturer in Sociology / Sustainable Development, School of Social and Political Science & Ana Díaz Vidal, Undergraduate Student, School of Social and Political…

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Christopher Hollings - Tuesday 25 January

25 Jan - 26 Jan 2022ICMS hosted the "Mathematics: Inclusive or Exclusive? Putting colour, culture and context into the curriculum" workshopDiversifying Mathematics in Oxford Christopher…

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2021 Sport & Exercise Festive Film - How the Gym Grinch Stole Fitness

The 2021 Sport & Exercise Festive Film

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Sport & Exercise Festive Film 21 Teaser v1

A teaser film for the 2021 Sport & Exercise Festive Film

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Sport & Exercise Festive Film 21 Teaser v2

A teaser film of the 2021 Sport & Exercise Festive Film

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Soles of the Feet in Practice

Graham Nimmo talks about his personal experiences of feeling overwhelm, in clinical practice and in life. He guides you through the ‘soles of the feet’ exercise you can practise to help…

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REBM Week 8 - Part a)

This is Part a) of a series of two recorded lectures on the theme 'The independent samples t-test: Engaging with theory and practice'.

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