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FP - Lecture 9 - Expression Trees as Algebraic Data Types

This is the video for the ninth FP lecture on Expression Trees as Algebraic Data Types.

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CL - Lecture 4.i - Reduction 1

We use the rules to reduce a sequent to a conjunction of simpler sequents. In this example we find that the expression asserted by the sequent is a tautology — it is equivalent to the empty…

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CL - Lecture 3h - Operator Precedence

In this video, we introduce operator precedence. An expression such as a ⋀ b ⋁ c, without parentheses, could represent either (a ⋀ b) ⋁ c or a ⋀ (b ⋁ c). To specify which we mean, we either need to…

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FP - Lecture 3 - Lists and Recursion

This is the video of the third FP lecture, covering Lists and Recursion.

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Topic 21: Probability Transformation Rule and Its Applications (PETARS, Chapter 4)

This video introduces the probability transformation rule, for finding the probability density function of the mapping of another random variable. A derivation of the transformation rule is…

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Introduction to The Italian 1 Language and Culture Course

Italian 1 is an intensive course in spoken and written Italian, with a focus on language and grammar structures, offering classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It will also be…

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Divinity - Religion in Modern Britain

The aim of this course (REST08018) is to introduce students to a range of religious formations as they tackle particular 'issues' arising from modernity in British contexts. Introduced by…

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Week 6 'Reference', Welcome video

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2.4-part1: Conditional probability


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2.2-part5: Addition rule for multiple events


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