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ELRN 2020 Annual Lecture - Prof Ambreena Manji

Professor Ambreena Manji from Cardiff University speaks on 'Searching for Care Labour in African Social History'. This is the Annual Lecture delivered on the 16th of October 2020.

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TESOL Methodology Week 4 video version

Programme: MSc TESOL Course: TESOL Methodology Lecture topic: Communicative language teaching Lecturer: Ricky Jeffrey School: Moray House School of Education and Sport Semester 1 Week 4 lecture w/c…

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CL - Lecture 4a - Aristotle's Rules

Our first video is a recap of last week's materials.

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EGD 29 September 2020

Early Germanic Dialects (GRL), 29 September 2020, Introduction to the course

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EGD 1 October 2020

Early Germanic Dialects (GRL), 1 October 2020 - Features of Proto-Germanic

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Experimental Art History 1

Video on issues with Renaissance Art History

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CL - Lecture 2.c - Aristotle’s Universal Propositions

In this video on syllogisms, we present a new form of proposition -- universal denial. Introducing negation gives a new syllogism as an instance of barbara.

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Embed MS Form (Quiz) in Learn

How to embed a webpage (MS Form) in Learn using iframe code

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Learn Discussion Boards - navigating and posting

How to move around and contribute to discussion boards in Learn

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AccSoc2 LV14.1 - The Social Shaping of Technology

Access social sciences lecture video

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Study Skills Video - 2.0 Improving Reading and Note-taking

Access social sciences study skills video

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Dr Torgny Roxå

Strong and weak ties – changing teaching cultures in higher education in programme Torgny Roxå Lund University, Sweden Learning & Teaching Conference 2018

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Dr Felix Boecking -Chinese Economic & Political History- Research in a Nutshell

Felix talks about his research interests.

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eMarking for Academics - Rubrics

Let's have a look at how to fill in rubrics in Feedback Studio.

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