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Tutorial: Week6

This is a video with the recorded tutorial of Week 6 focusing of product development.

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Clinical Club January 2021 - Crackling Westies : not just another country and western band

Clinical Club January 2021 - Crackling Westies : not just another country and western band. Delivered by Brendan Corcoran

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Glass Sandcasting Demonstration

Demonstration by Dr Choi Keeryong and and Meg McGregor.

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Glass Introduction

Presented by Glass Technician, Laura Reed.

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Advanced Media Production: Learning Glass

The Supported Media Production Studios can be used for a range of advanced filming needs including interviews, scripted piece-to-camera videos or using interactive equipment available in the studio…

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This video introduces some basic technique for making a digital version of drawings made on paper.

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Quick Enquiries

How to create a Quick Enquiry in Dynamics.

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How to Present Online Learning Videos

If you have been tasked with creating learning content for an online environment, this series of videos will help you write, edit, and present clear and engaging scripts that convey your teaching and…

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Learning Glass Demo

Some examples of what is possible with the Learning Glass.

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Argyle House Media Studio: Learning Glass

The learning glass offers a more interactive student experience by allowing the lecturer to face the audience while presenting. It can be used to hand-write notes or to draw live diagrams and…

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Library Collections Rationalisation Project

Project Manager Hannah Mateer talks about the Library Collections Rationalisation Project. An Information Services project which will create a significant amount collections space, catalogue 12,000…

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Professor Sabyasachi Bhattacharya - At the edge of glassiness: how simple can a complex system be?

The IOP Homi Bhabha Lecture - A key recent focus in condensed matter physics attempts to related disparate many-body phenomena such as the glass transition in viscous liquids, jamming transition in…

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Getting the Dog Out

Small Animal Handling See the 'Attachments' tab to download a copy of the embed code you can use in your VLEs.

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