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Partial Differential Equations Lecture 9 - Results

Here we look in detail at the results from the test problem and discuss dispersive and dissipative errors.

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Partial Differential Equations, Lecture 8b: TVD MacCormack

Here we implement the MacCormack scheme with a TVD correction in Matlab and apply it to a test problem

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LMS YaMCATS Fiona Torzewska: Mapping class groupoids and motion groupoids

Fiona Torzewska (Univeristy of Leeds) : Mapping class groupoids and motion groupoidsA topological phase of matter is a physical system whose behaviour may be effectively described via a topological…

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dotty collage part 1

dotty collage part 1 Robbie Bushe give a demonstration workshop on ways to scale up and interpret photographs using dotted collage papers.

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IDS - Week 02 - 03 - Visualising data with ggplot2

Syntax and specifics of visualising data with ggplot2

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Lecture 1 Introduction

Professor David Williams provides a short introduction to hydropower.

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Bristol Online Survey - Creating a Survey

In this quick video I'll show you how to set up a survey in Bristol Online Surveys and create a range of question types.

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Getting the Dog Out

Small Animal Handling See the 'Attachments' tab to download a copy of the embed code you can use in your VLEs.

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