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CP2 Lecture 1- Course Introduction- Dr Phil Larkman

Course content and assessment

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Across the Lifespan Video 2

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PGCAP Block 3 Designing Assessment

A short video about designing assessment in higher education.

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Lecture 10 Part 7

Lecture 10 Part 7: Government management

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S&C video 4

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1. Introduction to Pop-Up Inclusion Matters 2020

Where are you joining us from? Introduction video for pop-up Inclusion Matters 2020 Follow us on twitter @evidenceBase_IM #InclusionMatters2020 Check out our website for full details of all pop-up…

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Introduction to Interdisciplinary Teaching October 2020

An introduction to interdisciplinary teaching in higher education

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Assessment and Feedback in the Geography Small Research Project

Overview of assessment and feedback

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PG How to use the Chaplaincy during the new normal

Discover more about the Chaplaincy and how to use the Chaplaincy

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How to get Information Security Help

Unfortunately there may be times when you need guidance or help with information security issues, or if you experience cybersecurity incidents. This session introduces our team, how we can help, and…

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Personal Tutoring Continuing students

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Personal Tutoring system (new students)

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Professional Skills for GAFS (1)- Week 1 - Online Conduct

Professional Skills for Global Agri-Food Scientists 1. This short recording gives an overview of how I think you should be acting in our hybrid learning classes in this course. Remember one of my key…

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MS Teams Live Events: Producing a Live Event

In this video, Andy Todd from the University's Digital Skills and Training Team explains the role of the Producer within an MS Teams Live Event. The video covers the following topics: General…

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CIO update to ISG 12th June 2020

CIO update to ISG 12th June 2020

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Setting Up an Assignment in Learn

Setting Up a Drop Box and information

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