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DAPR1 (20-21) 1.1

Data Analysis in Psychology in R 1, 2020/21.Week 1Lecture 1

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Data Explorers - Happy Graphs

The first in our data explorer series, our colleague Kate Farrell explores data from twitter and asks are we all happy?!

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Social wellbeing: the global happiness epidemic with Dr Neil Thin

Dr Neil Thin proposes the theory that we are living in a uniquely happy time, but so much more needs to be done if societies around the world are to experience meaningful standards of living. Part…

From  Sarah Ford-Hutchinson on March 23rd, 2017 1 likes 14 plays 0  

Social Wellbeing MOOC WK3 - Welfare States & Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing MOOC WK3 - Welfare States & Wellbeing

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