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Importing CSV Files

Importing CSV Files

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Importing Excel files

Importing Excel files

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Importing and Quizzes - STACK Tutorial

In this STACK Tutorial, you will learn how to import/export STACK questions and create a quiz in Moodle. Learn more about STACK: the STACK Demo:…

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How to IMPORT a rubric to TURNITIN

A short video showing how to import a rubric to turnitin

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Economic Democracy Block3 v4

Welcome to Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative, our MOOC about worker-owned and worker-controlled firms. We often hear that political democracy is the best available form of…

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Adding YouTube videos to My Media

This short video shows you how to import public YouTube videos into the My Media area of your Media Hopper account. Video contains audio narration and English subtitles.Licence Type: CC BY-NC Created…

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