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Service Excellence Programme update

Sally Priestly and Sarah MacKenzie discuss progress on the Service Excellence Programme. ECA Staff Forum channel on Media Hopper: ECA Staff Forum on the ECA intranet…

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Festival of Creative Learning Celebration Video

Festival of Creative Learning Trailer, (c) Archie Crofton 2018

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EDUROAM Connection App

The Innovation Project Team presents their project detailing how the new EDUROAM Connection App will make a big difference to students connecting to EDUROAM secure network.

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Student Email Consultation

Information Services Applications Division are currently consulting with students about changing the format of the student university email address. Laura Beattie, Student Email Consultation…

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Shift Left-athon

Innovation Project Manager Lauren Tormey explains the work her team in Website and Communications have been doing around shift left and how that emerged into an innovation project and a one day…

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How to create your innovation report

This short clip explains how to create a project report on the projects website.

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Service Excellence with Professor Jonathan Seckl

Professor Jonathan Seckl talks to Service Excellence Communications Manager Linda Canham-Dudds.

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SEP: A programme manager's view

Neil McGillivray is the Programme Manager for the Student Administration and Support sub-programme.We talk to Neil about his role, why he decided to join the programme and what he hopes SEP can…

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