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How to get a confident start to your studies

Starting your university course or programme can be very exciting, but you may also you may also have some concerns about your studies. This session aims to help you get the best possible foundation…

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Topic A: About the Course Lecturer, Dr Hopgood (PETARS, Welcome!)

This video introduces the Course Lecturer, Dr James Hopgood, and tells you a little about himself in a professional capacity and his research interests. This video also discusses the Institute of…

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PGT Only How To develop your study skills

There are many different skills which will help you study effectively at university, this session offers an introduction to these.

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PGR Only How to get into good writing habits

The Institute for Academic Development team share advice and resources for getting into good writing habits as a research student.

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PGT Only How to manage your time

It is important to make effective use of your time in order to achieve a balance between your studies, work, and personal life. This session will share some hints and tips on how to achieve this.

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PGR Only How to get off to an effective start with your research degree

The Institute for Academic Development team shares key tips and advice for making the most of your first few months.

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Drosophila egg

Film of a Drosphilia Egg by Eric Lucey, Institute of Animal Genetics Research Film Unit. c.1980.

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Currents: Understanding and addressing global challenges

An Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) Undergraduate 1st Semester, 1st Year On-Line Elective Course. Focusing on the current COVID-19 pandemic from a multidisciplinary perspective. Suitable for all…

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Institute for Academic Development: support for postgraduate researchers 2020/21

This is a introductory video from the Institute for Academic Development (IAD) which outlines training, support and resources available to postgraduate researchers in AY2020/21.

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INFD11016: Lecture 1; Video 1 of 3

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IRR Discovery Series: Dr Thomas Fenton

Dr Thomas Fenton, Visiting Scientist at the Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR), discusses a method he has developed which will give researchers a new way to analyse the intestinal immune system.…

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Book Launch: The People in Question (Jo Shaw)

Prof Jo Shaw presented her new book, "The People in Question: Citizens and Constitutions in Uncertain Times." The event was chaired by Prof Neil Walker of Edinburgh Law School with a short…

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XDF felllows 2019

The XDF Programme partners the School of Informatics with the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine to train genuinely cross-disciplinary researchers.

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Usher Institute COVID-19 webinar- 1. A systems-level approach to COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore

The first in our series of webinars focussing on COVID-19 from the Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh. More details of further webinars available:…

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MSc Restorative Dentistry - Graduate Testimonials 2019

Some of our recent graduates discuss how the MSc Restorative Dentistry helped boost their skills and knowledge: This…

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MSc Restorative Dentistry

MSc in Restorative Dentistry - Testimonials from our students Study for a Masters in Restorative Dentistry without leaving your clinic or your home environment.

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