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Professor Geoff Simm: Inaugural lecture: Thought for Food - Food for Thought?

Inaugural lecture by Professor Geoff Simm, Professor of Global Agriculture and Food SecurityRecorded 3/12/2018 at the Roslin Auditorium. Abstract:Feeding the world's growing population well -…

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The Salvation Agenda: Politics and Medical Humanitarianism During Zimbabwe’s Cholera Catastrophe - Simukai Chigudu

Centre of African Studies seminar Dr Simukai Chigudu (University of Oxford) This paper examines the humanitarian politics of responding to Zimbabwe’s catastrophic cholera outbreak of 2008/09,…

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India and the BRICS in Africa: Promoting development or dependency? - Pádraig Carmody

Centre of African Studies Seminar: India and the BRICS in Africa: Promoting development or dependency? Dr Pádraig Carmody (Trinity College Dublin and the University of Johannesburg) 11th…

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Football: More than a game - Jim Murphy on football's contribution to charity, employment and international development

This project was created by the Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

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Poor Numbers: How we are misled by African development statistics and what to do about it - Morton Jerven

Centre of African Studies Seminar

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Turbulence and Order in Economic Development: Political Settlement in Tanzania and Vietnam - Hazel Gray

2 Dec 2015 - Turbulence and Order in Economic Development: Political Settlement in Tanzania and Vietnam

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The Politics of Evidence and Results in International Development - Catherine Shutt

Centre of African Studies Seminar 3 Feb 2016 - The Politics of Evidence and Results in International Development: Playing the game to change the rules? Dr Catherine Shutt (Institute of Development…

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Where next for political settlements theory and African development? - David Booth

30 Sep 2015 - David Booth (Overseas Development Institute)

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Africa and International Development, MSc

Find our more about our MSc in Africa and International Development from Programme Director SJ Cooper-Knock.

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