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Sexualities and gender diversities at the Brazilian Paraguayan border

A research seminar by Nickolas Sá About this event International border-crossings that do not involve refuge, asylum-seeking and migration are constantly overlooked in International…

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Careers Week 2021: How does virtual graduate recruitment work?

In this panel session employers will discuss the different recruitment methods they’re using and share their tips for how to perform well. This session aims to improve your confidence to excel…

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DENS Trial - SIV slides - Qualitative component

DENS - SIV Training - Qualitative

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(PGT) How-to make the most of your postgraduate studies

Discover more about what the careers service can offer you and what you can do to maximise your chance of success when you graduate?

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Careers Compass: Understand yourself

Careers Compass: Understand yourself (0:46)

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Careers Compass: Make it happen

Careers Compass: Make it happen (0:38)

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Careers Compass

Careers Compass (3:48)

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Mintel’s research and methodology

Merryn Tozer (Innovation & Insight Manager, Mintel) introduces you to Mintel, a key market research database. 1.Introduction: Who is Mintel? 2. Methodology 2.1 Market Research: How does…

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Queer Voices from the Pandemic

While there are multiple LGBTQ+ communities in the UK, something that unites them is resilience in the face of crisis. Queer Britain, the national LGBTQ+ museum, has launched…

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Dissertaion festival: introduction to NVivo for qualitative data analysis

This session covered: why use software like Nvivo importing data files creating and using nodes for coding basic but very useful outputs for sharing and discussion with supervisors: coded data…

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Kaltura Capture recording - October 22nd 2020, 1:18:28 pm

Ethical considerations in collecting naturally occurring data.

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ELRN 2020 Session 3 - Dr Hélène Tyrrell

Dr Hélène Tyrrell from Newcastle University speaks on 'Human rights and empirical legal research'. This is the third session of the ELRN Training Workshop that took place on…

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WEEK 2 Video for Tutorial 2 SMEs Paper Part 2

Video for Tutorial 2 SMEs Paper Part 2

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Top Tips: Digital Interviews

Top tips for digital interviews such as on Skype and phone.

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Qualitative Research for Veterinary Scientists

In this short (approx 50 minute) lecture I give an overview of qualitative research methods aimed at veterinary scientists. This features: An overview of research methods (03:30) An overview of data…

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M&M Podcast 9: Marcello and Markus complete the collection of M names and we discuss automation in teaching

The ninth episode of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast explores the expansion of the teacher function via bots in discussion with two core members of the project, Markus Breines and Marcello…

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