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Nishida Kitaro - Philosopher of nothingness: From ZEN Buddhism made Japanese philosophy

KYOTO UNIVERSITY OPENCOURSEWARE General Education Art, Culture and Technology Prof. Naoko Tosa Art Documentary

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LLC graduation 2020 - full edit - FINAL

A video from colleagues across the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) for our graduating students to say how proud we are of your achievements and to send you our very best…

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Japanese 4 hole stabbinding

Video demonstrating the Japanese 4 hole stabbinding to accompany Teaching Fellow Susie Wilson's online resources on Artists books for the Centre for Open Learning's Open Studies Arts Hub

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Introduction to Japanese classes PJ2

Introduction to Japanese classes by Kathleen O’Neil, Tristan Pennell and Katya Pilipenko

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Lily Darvey, Francesca Lutje-Wilkes, and Caitlin Simpson

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7. Societies

UoE Introduction video in Japanese - 7. Societies

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From cyberpunk to information science via our MA in Japanese Studies

Callum Sarracino, a fourth year student of Japanese, traces his journey from manga fan to speech contest prize winner and a Daiwa Foundation Scholarship.

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Edinburgh Campus

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PJ2- Introduction

Introduction to the PJ2 video

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PJ2: Introduction to other classes

Other classes at the University

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DHT Facilities Tour - Year Abroad Preparation

A little tour of the DHT facilities. The music and footage is my own.

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3. Campus Introduction

Introduction of campus for PJ2.

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Japanese 4 Oral 17-18 Exam 3 Group 4 13_02_2018

Japanese exam

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Japanese 4 Oral 17-18 Exam 3 Group 2 13_02_2018

Japanese Exam

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