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Inaugural Lecture - Prof Lorna Marson

Inaugural lecture of Lorna Marson, Professor of Transplant Surgery Although we transplanted just over 3000 kidneys in the UK last year, 5000 patients are still waiting for this life-saving and…

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Dr Emilio Quaia - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Emilio Quaia, a Senior Research Fellow as he discusses his research interests in liver, kidney & bowel diseases including cirrhosis, renal failure & Crohn's disease.

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Effect of PI3K signalling on nephron progenitor cells

Sicx2-CreGFP x Rosa26-tdRFP embryonic kidneys with PI3K inhibitor demonstrate the importance of this pathway in maintaining the NPC progenitor state. From Lindstrom et al (2015), Stem Cell Rep, 4,…

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OCT Paper Supplemental Videos - CKD - diseased subject

Content for the CVS website - Bean Dhaun

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