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Presentation on the significance of fieldwork in the construction of knowledge in human geography

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Nishida Kitaro - Philosopher of nothingness: From ZEN Buddhism made Japanese philosophy

KYOTO UNIVERSITY OPENCOURSEWARE General Education Art, Culture and Technology Prof. Naoko Tosa Art Documentary

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Food security - a critical issue worldwide

A growing population and an earth with finite resources is resulting in unique challenges for humanity. Our students come from different backgrounds from around the world who seek to understand how…

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CL - Lecture 1.a - Binary Data

In this video, we introduce binary data as a simple example of information, and show how apparently more-complex examples can be encoded as binary data.

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Informatics 1 Cognitive Science

A brief description of the course content. For more information see

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Lecture 1 Part 1: Introduction to the course

Introduction to the Identities & Collective Behaviour course

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PSR 1 Lecture 5 Part 2

Part 2 Fine Tuning Lecture; edited; cc pending

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Biological Sciences - Molecules, Genes and Cells 1

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Brief introduction to the course.

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Introduction to the Italian Foundation 1

Foundation Italian 1 is a course for COMPLETE BEGINNERS with no previous knowledge of Italian, designed to give them a basic, working knowledge of spoken and written Italian. This course runs in…

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HCA - Classics option courses 2020

Listen to Head of Classics Dr Lucy Grig as she introduces you to the Classics options courses available in 2020. Greek World 1a - semester 1 - contact Dr David Lewis for more information -…

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Philosophy prehonours courses: introduction. 2020-21

Philosophy prehonours course choices overview. 2020-21 Dr Guy Fletcher

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Community: myth busting online learning

Since 2005 our online postgraduate degrees have offered students the opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world. Follow our myth busting series on our Online Learning channel. …

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Professional Skills for GAFS (1)- Week 2 - Scientific Method Part 1/2

Professional Skills for Global Agri-Food Scientists 1. This is Part 1 of the Scientific Method Lecture. You should come to the discussion boards on the Professional Skills Learn course for more…

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