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LLC graduation 2020 - full edit - FINAL

A video from colleagues across the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) for our graduating students to say how proud we are of your achievements and to send you our very best…

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Modelling Processes

Modelling Processes

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From Arthur's Seat 2020 - Interview with Lena Kraus

From Arthur’s Seat is an anthology of short prose and poetry that the Creative Writing students here at the University of Edinburgh produce every year. We spoke to Editor in Chief, Lena Kraus…

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Expert advice on supporting the learning of EAL pupils during and after school closures

This webinar was a special joint event between The Bell Foundation and NALDIC, the National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum. It was held on 23 April 2020. It featured a new…

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Robyn Pritzer - Book Week Scotland Interview

Interview with PhD graduate Robyn Pritzer, during Book Week Scotland.

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Keynote speech: Why is collecting lexical data one of the best ways we can help support underserved and endangered languages

Ben Yang, the Director of Technology of PanLex, will be discussing the importance of collecting lexical data for underserved languages, PanLex’s role and methodology, and how Wikidata and…

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The School of Informatics: Research Highlights

Research within the School of Informatics is carried out across six institutes; each of these manages a portfolio of funding and specialist facilities. Academic staff are appointed to the School and…

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From cyberpunk to information science via our MA in Japanese Studies

Callum Sarracino, a fourth year student of Japanese, traces his journey from manga fan to speech contest prize winner and a Daiwa Foundation Scholarship.

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60 minute documentary Mexico 2006

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Dr Shashi Tharoor - Looking Back at the British Raj in India

Dr Shashi Tharoor - Looking Back at the British Raj in India

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DELC Festival of European Theatre

Moa Bell, member of Les Escogriffes French Theatre Society, tells us about the very first DELC Festival of European Theatre: four fantastic language plays over eight nights at Assembly Roxy performed…

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Separation Logic

Advances in Programming Languages 2018/19 Lecture 14: Separation Logic Hoare Logic is a language for making and proving assertions about the behaviour of code: the extension to Separation Logic…

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Practical Tools for Java Correctness

Advances in Programming Languages 2018/19 Lecture 13: Practical Tools for Java Correctness Today’s lecture presented two different facilities designed to help write Java code that does the…

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Specification and Verification

Advances in Programming Languages 2018/19 Lecture 12: Specification and Verification Today's lecture was the first in a block on language techniques and tools that aim to improve program…

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Cautionary Tales in Concurrency

Advances in Programming Languages 2018/19 Lecture 11: Cautionary Tales in Concurrency This lecture concluded the set on concurrency with three distinctive challenges for concurrent programming and…

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