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M&M Podcast 8: David Creighton-Offord discussing information security and privacy for today & tomorrow

In the eighth episode of the M&M (Michael and Myles) podcast we are joined by David Creighton-Offord, the senior Information Security Consultant within the Information Security Team at the…

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M&M Podcast Episode 5: Jeremy Knox: data, justice and impacts on automation

In the fifth episode of the M&M (Michael and Myles) podcast we are joined by Dr Jeremy Knox, the co-director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education (Data Society) and a Lecturer in…

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M&M Podcast Epsiode 1: Setting the Scene, Terms, Topics

The first episode of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast where we introduce ourselves and set the scene for some of the topics we will be exploring in the coming episodes. The topics themselves…

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DE Seminar | Yi-Shan Tsai "What can learning analytics do for us?"

"What can learning analytics do for us?" Dr Yi-Shan Tsai, Centre for Research in Digital Education This event took place on 30th January 2019 as part of a Moray House Researcher-led…

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Exciting times require exciting actions: Opportunities for learning analytics in higher education

An interactive panel event where two world renowned pioneers of learning analytics, Professor George Siemens and Dr. Mark Milliron, discuss current state and trends in learning analytics from the…

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QAA SHECC Learning Analytics Briefing

Learning analytics briefing organized by the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee and the EU-funded SHEILA project held on 2nd May 2017. The program of the briefing: 1:00-1:15pm …

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An Instructor's guide to Media Hopper Replay: Viewing course and student analytics

This short video tutorial shows you how to view analytics for your course within Media Hopper Replay, such as views, questions asked, notes taken and student engagement. You can view Media Hopper…

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JohnWhitmer | Surprises & Confirmations in Large-Scale Learning Analytics Research @ Blackboard

JohnWhitmer | Surprises & Confirmations in Large-Scale Learning Analytics Research @ BlackboardBlackboard’s data science team conducts analysis of the relationship between the use of…

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Anna Sophia Bruening Research Implementation Plan

Aim of this three step research implementation plan is to contribute to learning analytics research in the area of motivation and learning through developing student motivation profiles which will be…

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Claire Tupling - Learning Analytics Assignment 3

This is my presentation of the research proposal that is detailed in the written Assignment 3

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Christopher Johns - Assignment 3 presentation

Well, here goes. My first video presentation. I have purposely expanded the content of this presentation more holistically around the project as a whole. All the forma academic content and…

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