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Inaugural lecture: Born in a Microbial Cloud

Promo video for Professor Debby Bogaert's forthcoming inaugural lecture on 12 November 2018.

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Prof Gillingwater Inaugural Lecture Oct 2018

Recording of inaugural lecture Monday 29 October 2018. Professor Tom Gillingwater "Diary of a 21st century anatomist: standing on the shoulders of giants"

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Let's Talk About Health: Moving towards rabies elimination in Africa and Asia –a ‘One Health’ approach to help animals and humans

Moving towards rabies elimination in Africa and Asia –a ‘One Health’ approach to help animals and humansRichard Mellanby, Stella Mazeri, Clinical Veterinary ResearchRabies is a…

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Student Perspectives on Lecture Recording

Student perspectives on lecture recording from August 2018.

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Lecture Recording Evaluation (Sep 2018)

Jill MacKay

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2018 FULLBRIGHT LECTURE: Professor Lord Stern

Professor Lord Stern – The best of centuries or the worst of centuries? Leadership, governance and cohesion in an interdependent world. The seventh Fulbright Annual Lecture at the University of…

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Dr Torgny Roxå

Strong and weak ties – changing teaching cultures in higher education in programme Torgny Roxå Lund University, Sweden Learning & Teaching Conference 2018

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Inaugural lecture: Marvellous Melanocytes - How our skin and hair is coloured

Inaugural lecture of Professor Ian Jackson given at the IGMM on Monday 25 June 2018. Melanocytes, the cells that make the melanin pigment in our skin and hair, are remarkable. They begin life as part…

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