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LfS Scotland Members' Story Share -1-

Out to Play by Eco Drama Emily Reid shares some of the highlights and impacts of the Out to Play project, delivered in 27 schools and nurseries since 2015, reaching over 5,000…

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How- to Develop your Academic Language and Literacy skills

How- to Develop your Academic Language and Literacy skills

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DE Seminar: Dr Gianfranco Polizzi 'Digital and Data Literacy'

Digital and data literacy: Comparing children’s understanding of data and online privacy with experts’ and advocates’ data literacy practicesDr Gianfranco Polizzi, Jubilee Centre…

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Digital Competency

Internet and Society 2020

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Using the Library for creative dissertations : digital resources in art, music and drama

Are you planning your dissertation in a creative subject? Find out more about the rich range of digital library resources available to you in the visual arts, music and drama. Led by the Academic…

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PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Student name: SALIM, Hani Presentation title: Developing, refining and feasibility study of an Asthma App for adult with low health literacy…

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Sharma & Sankaran (2011): Interpreting the results tables

This is an 11-minute video dedicated to explaining how Sharma and Sankaran (2011)'s Tables 5-7 should be read and interpreted. Each table is an example of a Varbrul model, a specific kind of…

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Part 3 Experiences and Outcomes (Es&Os) in detail October 4th 2020, 10:06:42 am

Part 3 Scottish Education in a Nutshell The Experiences and Outcomes (Es&Os in detail)

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Week 2 critical reading discussion and summary

week 2 critical reading and thinking

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SPS How to use the library

This session gives an overview of accessing library resources. PDF version of the slides are included in the attachments section.

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PG- Using the University Library for Finding Academic Resources, Sept 2020

Presentation on how to use the library for postgraduate students. Includes a demo of using DiscoverEd to search. By the end of this session, you should be able to find and access items in the…

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Searching DiscoverEd (PG Online SPS) Sept 2020- Session 2

This 10 minute video demonstrates some of the searching functionality in DiscoverEd. This is the second short video in a series of four aimed at introducing SPS Online students to the library…

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Searching Web of Science (PG Online SPS) Sept 2020- Session 3

This short video demonstrates a search in Web of Science. It is the third in a set of 4 looking at accessing library resources.

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Using the University Library (PG Online SPS) Sept 2020- Session 1

This presentation outlines the services that new online students in SPS have access to. It is the first of 4 sessions: Session 2- Using DiscoverEd Session 3- Searching Web of Science Session 4-…

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UG How To Develop your Academic Language and Literacy Skills

Introducing one of a series of Transition courses, Successful Academic Communication: Building confidence in your use of academic English for all undergraduate home, EU and international students.

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Why I am editing Wikipedia by Dr. Jess Wade at Women in STEM Connect

Talk by Dr. Jess Wade at the University of Edinburgh's Women in STEM Connect edit-a-thon on Sunday 16th August 2020.

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