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Lecture 9 - Fundamentals of Optimisation

Lecture 9 - Fundamentals of Optimisation

From  Mennatallah Mohamed Awny Ali Labib on September 29th, 2020 0 likes 53 plays 0  

Lecture 3 Part 2

Lecture 3 Part 2: Freud

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Chem1 Spectroscopy Lecture 4

Chemistry 1A Spectroscopy Lecture 4 - Infrared Spectroscopy

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3.2-part2: Cumulative distribution function (CDF)


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Lecture 6 Part 1: Applications of Differential Equations - undamped oscillators

Here we look at how the the same (or a very similar) differential equation applies to several different engineering problems. We consider cantilevers, pendulums and a floating buoy.

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Lecture 2 Part 3: Mass-Spring-Damper

In the last part of this lecture we look at a man-spring damper system (without a driving force) and show how we can solve it using the methods outlined in the first two parts of the lecture. We…

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BioPOD February 2020: Lamin-A Proteins

Ep5: Dr Alex Makarov In this episode, Chris sits down with Dr Alex Makarov who recently completed a PhD in Eric Schirmer's lab in the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology at the University of…

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