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Third video of the Inf2D lecture on Adversarial Search.

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Global and Public Health Landing Page

Landing page video for the CMVM Online masters cluster 2020.

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Online students and graduates talk about the benefits of studying a masters online

Open up your future with an online masters from the University of Edinburgh. Find your degree: Film updated: December 2020

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Networking (Masters session - CSE & MVM)

For PG students in Colleges of Science & Engineering and Medicine & Vet Medicine. This session will demystify networking and look at ways to make it less intimidating, with practical tips and…

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An introduction to Neurological Rehabilitation and Care Online PG Certificate

The University of Edinburgh and Royal College of Nursing Foundation would like to introduce this cutting-edge new programme aimed at equipping registered nurses, working in neurological…

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Changing Career (CMVM & CSCE)

Recording of the Changing Career session for Masters students in CMVM & CSCE

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Instagram Live Q&A | MScR Biomedical Sciences

Estefania is one of our current Masters by Research in Biomedical Sciences students: Here she…

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MSc Internal Medicine | Student Testimonial

Habenom is one of our MSc Internal Medicine students: Find out about his experience of the online…

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MSc by Research Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Repair, Student Testimonial

Miguel explains what attracted him to the MSc by Research programme at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, and what it is like being a scholar on this Masters programme. Videography: Jessie…

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Food security - a critical issue worldwide

A growing population and an earth with finite resources is resulting in unique challenges for humanity. Our students come from different backgrounds from around the world who seek to understand how…

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Hear from our students: MSc Environment and Development

Paulina shares her experiences studying the MSc Environment and Development.

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Lecture 1 Part 2 Kaltura Capture recording - September 1st 2020, 7:40:57 pm

Lecture 1 part 2

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Vice Principal's Welcome for New Online Postgraduate Students 2020

Professor Colm Harmon, Vice Principal Students for the University of Edinburgh, welcomes new online postgraduate students to the University in session 2020/21.

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Teaching quality: myth busting online learning

Since 2005 our online postgraduate degrees have been taught by lecturers and tutors who are leading figures in their fields. Follow our myth busting series on our Online Learning channel. Join our…

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How to merge cases

How to merge duplicate cases into a single case.

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Balancing online study with work and family | Online Learning | The University of Edinburgh

What makes studying for an online degree particularly impressive is the fact that most of our students are balancing university work with full-time or part-time jobs and family commitments. This…

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