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Tendon repair_FINAL.mp4

Julian Camilleri Brennan, president of the Surgical Society and MBChB student, demonstrates a tendon repair using strawberry sweets. Recorded at the celebration of global surgery event,…

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MBChB for HCPs - Stuart Strachan, paramedic

Stuart Strachan speaks about his experience of studying medicine as a second degree, and in support of the proposed new programme for healthcare practitioners.

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Skin biology in one minute (summer 2017)

Short intro video to go with relevant chapter in skincancer909 ( To be watched as part of this online text and other videos

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Direct Oral Anticoagulants

All about these 'new' drugs - mechanism of action, how to use them and the potential problems.

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How warfarin works, what it's used for, the complications, and what to do when patients bleed on warfarin.

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An overview of heparin - when and how to use it, how to deal with complications such as bleeding and heparin induced thrombocytopenia.

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Inherited Bleeding Disorders

An overview of the main inherited bleeding disorders, their causes and their treatment: Haemophilia A and B von Willebrand's Disease

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Microbite - Asplenic Patients

Patient with absent or poorly functioning spleens are prone to particular infections. This video covers spleen structure and function causes of asplenia/hyposplenia main infective risks prevention…

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Full Blood Count Abnormalities 2

This video uses cases to illustrate how full blood count interpretation happens in clinical practice. We look at examples of several conditions, and use the models from preceding videos to discuss;…

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Distinguishing Haematological Malignancies

We recognise that understanding the differences between the blood cancers can be difficult. This video describes a way of thinking about these differences based on where the cancer is found. It…

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This video covers: What lymphoma is How it comes to medical attention How we classify lymphoma Principles of treatment

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Microbites - Line associated infections

Insertion of central venous catheters is a common procedure in treatment of patients with hematological malignancies. These devices provide lifesaving vascular access but increases the risk of…

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VRE - Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci

An increasingly difficult to treat infection that affects immunocompromised patients - here is a summary of the important features.

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Microbites - Candidaemia

Many patients on chemotherapy suffer from fungal infections, particularly with Candida species. This video is about the clinical aspects.

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BT2 Blood Components

This video covers specifics about different kinds of blood component including red cells, platelets and fresh frozen plasma.

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BT4 Transfusion Reactions

Here we outline the different kinds of transfusion reaction. This is not comprehensive but includes the reactions that are most clinically relevant: Acute and delayed haemolytic transfusion…

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