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Six in six minutes - 3 students and 3 staff discuss Wikipedia in the Classroom at the University of Edinburgh

Contributors include:Karoline Nanfeldt - 4th year Psychology undergraduate student. Tomas Sanders - 4th year History undergraduate student. Aine Kavanagh - Senior Hons. Reproductive Biology student.…

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Wikipedia in the Classroom - Simon Riley and Richard Smith on the Reproductive Biology Wikipedia assignment

Dr. Simon Riley and Dr. Richard Smith of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health were interviewed in March 2018 about the Wikipedia research assignment Senior Honours students on the Reproductive…

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The clinicians approach to skin cancer in one minute

A short video in the 'one minute' series from skincancer909

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Edinburgh Medical Debate. Genome Screening: A Pandora's Box?

Edinburgh Medical School and the Medical Students Council hosted the third in the series of the Edinburgh Medical Debates, entitled "Genome Screening: A Pandora’s Box?" Recorded 14…

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Inaugural lecture: This is your life - hormones matter

Professor Rebecca Reynolds is Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms underpinning the link between a baby’s growth…

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Skin biology in one minute (summer 2017)

Short intro video to go with relevant chapter in skincancer909 ( To be watched as part of this online text and other videos

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Edinburgh Medical School graduates celebrate

Graduates from Edinburgh Medical School talk about their time studying medicine.

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Life at Edinburgh Medical School: Brian Hogan

Fifth year student Brian Hogan tells us about life at Edinburgh Medical School.

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Life at Edinburgh Medical School: Robert Kay

Second year student Robert Kay discusses his experience of life as a medical student.

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Mental health: the student experience

The University of Edinburgh’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Week runs from 13-17 November. We spoke to six Edinburgh Medical School students about the pressures they are under, the demands of…

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David McLauchlan_Mental Health and Wellbeing Week

Running from 13-17 November 2017, the University of Edinburgh's Mental Health and Wellbeing Week features events and activities to improve your wellbeing, as well as the opportunity to talk…

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Lorraine Close_Mental Health and Wellbeing Week

Lorraine Close, Clinical Skills Facilitator, Personal Tutor and yoga teacher, draws on her experience supporting medical students and gives some valuable advice on how to deal with the pressures of…

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Putting on sterile gloves VIMEO (2017 remake)

How to put on surgical gloves for dermatological surgical procedures

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Research in a nutshell - Professor Karen Chapman

Glucocorticoid actionIn this video Karen describes how her group focus on 2 aspects of glucocorticoid action – the role of glucocorticoid metabolism in modulating access of steroid to receptor…

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Medical Informatics

Welcome to the second part of the course, the one around ontologies and semantic web data.

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