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From Scouse to mouse: Vascular injury and repair - a research journey

Inaugural lecture of Professor Andy BakerHead of Centre for Cardiovascular Science, Gustav Born Chair of Vascular Biology Blood vessels supply essential nutrients and oxygen to the entire body.…

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Seasonal Reproduction in Birds: From Seeing the Light to Weathering the Storm

Inaugural lecture of Professor Simone Meddle Personal Chair of Behavioural NeuroendocrinologyProfessor Simone Meddle will discuss research showing how the environment regulates the reproductive…

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A Fair Field and No Favour - The remarkable story of the Edinburgh Seven

“A Fair Field and No Favour” – the Edinburgh Seven and the campaign to secure women the right to a Medical Degree 1869-73In 1869, the first women to enter a British University began…

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How Does RNA Fold?

How Does RNA Fold? Dr. Grzegorz Kudla, Principal Investigator, MRC Human Genetics UnitRecorded on 14th October, 2019 The Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship (XDF) Programme partners the School of…

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Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship (XDF) Tutorial: Cracking The Genetic Code - What Are Proteins And How They Are Made

Cracking The Genetic Code - What Are Proteins And How They Are Made Dr. Carolina Uggenti, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine. Recorded on 7th…

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Potential cell therapy for liver cirrhosis - Safety clinical trial

Liver disease patients could one day benefit from a new macrophage cell therapy that has just completed its first clinical trial, published in Nature Medicine (07 October 2019). Professor Stuart…

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BioPOD April 2019: Chicken Bioreactor

In this podcast episode, we interview Dr Lissa Herron from the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh on her research. Quote: "In chickens you can make human proteins that are of a…

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MSc Paediatric Emergency Medicine: Elizabeth Oyenusi, student testimonial

Paediatric consultant Elizabeth from Nigeria is a student on the online MSc Paediatric Emergency Medicine, where the tutors guide her to use the resources available to give the best care to her…

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MVetSci Conservation Medicine: Nidhi Rajput, student testimonial

Nidhi, a wildlife vet from India, has found that studying the MVetSci in Conservation Medicine has helped her redesign her strategies so they work better for the animals in her country. Nidhi is a…

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HCP-Med: a new way to study medicine at the University of Edinburgh

Promotional video for the new HCP-Med programme. Find out more:

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Master of Public Health online: Chizoba Abone, student testimonial

Chizoba, a doctor from Nigeria, talks how studying an online Master of Public Health has changed the way she approaches her work. Chizoba is a recipient of a scholarship from the Commonwealth…

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Anne Rowling Clinic announcement Sep 2019

J.K. Rowling donates further £15m to multiple sclerosis research The author J.K. Rowling has donated £15.3m to the University of Edinburgh to help improve the lives of people with…

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Nazir Lone ACE lecture 22nd July2019

Alcohol-related liver disease in the ICU: using data to inform decision-making

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Bio-engineer David Gow on rehabilitation medicine

Excerpt from oral history with bio-engineer David Gow (DG), interviewed for Lothian Health Services Archive by Carmen Hesketh (CH). Transcription: CH: “Why is rehabilitation medicine seen as…

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MRC Festival of Medical Research event - Shining a light on Genetic Disorders

MRC Festival - Shining a Light on Genetic Disorders. Tuesday 18th June 2019 IGMM

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Inaugural Lecture - Prof Lorna Marson

Inaugural lecture of Lorna Marson, Professor of Transplant Surgery Although we transplanted just over 3000 kidneys in the UK last year, 5000 patients are still waiting for this life-saving and…

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