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Kaltura Capture recording - December 9th 2020, 2:02:28 pm

Introduction to Exercise Prescription for Rehabilitation Part 2

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Clinical Club 7th October 2020 - Gudrun Schoeffmann: How to get the most out of your anaesthesia monitoring equipment

How to get the most out of your anaesthesia monitoring equipment - Clinical Club 7th October 2020 - Gudrun Schoeffmann - Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia

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Execution Monitoring and Re-planning

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A Beneficial Smart Campus? Dr James Stewart and open discussion The Surveillance University discusses some of the activities occuring at the University of Edinburgh that involve developing 'Smart…

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BioPOD July 2019 : Smartphone Biosensors

BioPOD is back with an episode on Smartphone Biosensors and the importance of Synthetic Biology in today's global landscape. This episode focuses on a fluorescent bacterial biosensor that…

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Professor Lindsay Paterson | Scottish Education Policy : why statistics matter

Professor Lindsay Paterson is from the School of Social and Political Science | University Of Edinburgh - He presents research data on large scale historical and contemporary statistical surveys of…

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